Sand Sculpture

We will visit the Silver Pavilion and the amazing sand sculptures on the grounds there our second day in Kyoto, May 8.image

Rethinking the Power of Art: Art for Social Change in Japan, 2014

Preparing for our 2014 expedition with 12 Stamps School of Art & Design students and one brave School of Engineering student (good for you, Greeny!).  Our arrival date in Japan is May 7 and we will begin our adventure in Kyoto before heading on to Shigaraki on May 10.  We are so fortunate that Stamps alumnae Elaine Czech will join us in Kyoto for much of the trip, acting as a guide and translator.  Elaine is living in Kyoto and studying Noh Theatre.  

I hope to run into these two young students again in Kyoto this year!        - Melanie